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Council freezes Precept again

BSTC - 17th January 2013

Bradley Stoke Town Council last night voted to freeze the council’s Precept (share of council tax) for a historic 4th year in a row.

The decision means that residents in a Band D property will continue to pay £113.50 a year for the town council's services.

Cllr Roger Avenin, Chair of the council's Finance Committee said "We have to be realistic and keep a lid on our costs, we have to remember who's money it is we're spending."

Despite the freeze, council's 2013/14 budget maintains all the council's current commitments and with savings remaining from the building of a new office last year, a small surplus is predicted at the year end.

Proposing the freeze Cllr Robert Jones said "Our residents are seeing their incomes eroded by inflation, increasing the Precept now will only add to the squeeze".

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