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The Mayor

The Mayor is the first citizen of the Town, who acts as the civic head of the Town Council and, in their capacity as Chair of Council, chairs the Council meetings. The Mayor is the public face of the Council and attends the civic and community functions on behalf of the Council. As the First Citizen, the Mayor is a symbol of the authority of the Council and it is his or her duty to represent and promote the interests and welfare of the Town and all those who live, work and visit the Town. The Mayor gives recognition, appreciation and encouragement to all those groups and individuals who contribute to the life of the Town. The Mayor is elected amongst the councillors at the Annual Town Council Meeting in May each year and is assisted by a Deputy Mayor, who is also elected by the Council.

Chair of Council

As Chair of the Council, it is the Mayor's duty to uphold the rights of Councillors and the interests of the community and to efficiently carry out the business of the Council. As Chair of Council, the Mayor has the casting vote, in case of equality of votes at the council meetings.

Current Mayor/Chair of Council

The new Mayor/Chair of Council, Councillor Natalie Field was elected at the Annual Town Council Meeting on 8th May 2024 along with the new Deputy Mayor/Vice-Chair of Council, Councillor Dayley Lawrence.

Photo of Presentation of Mayor's Chain of Office

Presentation of Mayor's Chain of Office

Photo of Presentation of Deputy Mayor's Chain of Office

Presentation of Deputy Mayor's Chain of Office

Invite the Mayor

The Mayor frequently visits a wide variety of different events within the community, from school visits, charity programmes, coffee mornings to formal dinners and ceremonies. Please feel free to invite the Mayor to take part in your event, such as a competition, presenting prizes or certificates, drawing a raffle, making an opening or closing speech or welcome a dignitary or to attend various anniversaries and other functions.

If you are interested in inviting the Mayor to your event, please complete and return the Invitation Form (Word). Please enclose the essential details of the event such as what the event is, the date and time, the venue address and the Mayor's involvement. You can also email your request, telephone or write to us. On receipt, we will contact you in due course to confirm whether the Mayor is available. If for any reason the Mayor is unable to attend, your invitation will be passed to the Deputy Mayor if deemed appropriate.

Past Mayors/Chairs of Bradley Stoke

Years as Mayor/ Chair Name Years as Councillor
1992 Christina Davison 1992-1993
1992-1995 Rory O'Connor 1992-1999
1995-1996 Jon Cooke 1995-1999
1996 Brian Turner 1992-1996
1996-98//2000-01 Jon Williams 1992-2007
1998-1999 Arthur Adams 1992-2003
1999-2000 Heather Williams 1996-2001
2001-2002 Diane Adams 1999-2003
2002-2003 Michael Collins 1999-2004
2003-05//2007-08 Julian Barge 1999-2011
2005-2006 Sandra Hobson 2003-2011
2006-2007 Veronica Conway-Haskins 2005-2011
2008-2009 Robert Jones 2006-2015
2009-2010 Mark Forsyth 2007-2011
2010-2012 Benjamin Walker 2007-2015
2012-2013 Charlotte Walker 2011-2013
2013-2014 Brian Hopkinson 2007-2023
2014-2015 John Ashe 2004-2023
2015-2016 Roger Avenin 2007-
2016-2017 Elaine Hardwick 2011-2021
2017-2018 Andy Ward 2013-2023
2018-2019 Ben Randles 2013-
2019-2020 + 2021 Tom Aditya 2011-
2020-2021 + 2022-2023 Tony Griffiths 2011-2023
2021 Michael Hill 2019-2021
2023-2024 Dayley Lawrence 2022-
2024-2025 Natalie Field 2023-

Photos from 2023/24

Mayor at Willow Brook Centre Christmas Lights Switch On event – December 2023

Mayor at Wheatfield Primary School Christmas Fayre – December 2023

Mayor at Woodlands Park Residents Christmas Event – December 2023

Avon Indian Community Association Diwali event - 17th November 2023

Remembrance Day – 12th November 2023

Bradley Stoke Youth Football Club 25th Anniversary Dinner – 10th November 2023

Mayor at Woodlands Park Residents Christmas Bazaar – October 2023

Mayor and Deputy Mayor attending Wheatfest on Saturday 9th September 2023

Mayor opening the new Claire's store in the Willowbrook on Saturday 9th September 2023

Mayor and Deputy Mayor attending Annual Service of Remembrance at Bristol Memorial Woodlands on Wednesday 14th June 2023

Tribute to Councillor Michael Hill

Photo of Councillor Michael Hill

Michael John Hill was born and educated in North London. He initiated his career in a weekly newspaper, moving on to become a press officer of London Transport. Michael spent most of his career on media duties with the Ministry of Defence. At different times, he was head of public relations at the Royal Air Force Headquarters at High Wycombe and latterly at the Royal Navy's Fleet Headquarters at Northwood. His travels took him from Hong Kong to the Falkland Islands and from the West Indies to the Persian Gulf.

Cllr Michael started his political innings at the London Borough of Barnet in 1974 and served as a Borough Councillor at Barnet for 12 years. Afterwards, he moved to Northampton and served on Northampton Borough Council for 18 years, where he was Mayor in 2009-10. He served four years as a Northamptonshire County Councillor from 2005 to 2009 as well.

Michael and his wife Margaret moved to Bradley Stoke in 2017 and lived near Baileys Court. He could often be seen walking his cockapoo 'Poppy' in the area. He was very fond of exploring the natural landscapes of Switzerland. His other hobbies include railways, photography, and football.

In 2019, Cllr Michael Hill was elected to the Bradley Stoke Town Council, representing the South Ward.

His Mayoral charities for 2021/22 were 'Dogs for Good', which is a life-transforming national charity, creating partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs and 'St Peter's Hospice', which is a local charity that provides care and support to adults who are living with a progressive life-limiting illness in the West of England region.