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How the Town Council Works

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The Town Council has 15 Town Councillors elected for a term of four years. The last full Town Council elections were held in May 2019. The Town Councillors are split into three wards: Bradley Stoke, North (six Councillors), Bradley Stoke, South (seven Councillors) and Bradley Stoke, Stoke Brook (two Councillors). There are also four elected Councillors to South Gloucestershire Council who represent Bradley Stoke's interests at this level. The South Gloucestershire Councillors are split into two wards: Bradley Stoke, North (two Councillors) and Bradley Stoke, South (two Councillors) .

The Civic Year runs from May to April with the election of the Chair/Mayor and the Deputy taking place at the Annual Statutory Meeting in May. These roles are filled by councillors who have been nominated and voted for by their councillor colleagues. The Town Councillors are unpaid, and do not receive any attendance allowance or payments for their duties, which they undertake on a purely voluntary basis. The Mayor has available a small pool of money which can be used for Civic purposes.

What is a Parish or Town Council?

A full explanation of what a Parish or Town Council actually is, can be found in the following document: Guide To Parish & Town Councils (PDF)

Bradley Stoke Town Council Structure

Full Council

The Town Council meets approximately 6 times a year and has three main committees and ad hoc sub committees that meet as required (eg Health & Safety). These committees make decisions under their remitted powers or make recommendations for ratification by full Council.

  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee meets approx. 6 times a year and makes decisions and recommendations to Council on all financial and policy matters under the discretion of the Town Council. This committee also is responsible for Personnel matters and will be responsible for Best Value.
  • Planning & Environment Committee
    The Planning and Environment Committee meets once a month and makes recommendations on all planning applications within Bradley Stoke to the Planning Authority (South Gloucestershire Council) and considers all associated planning, footpath and licensing issues. This committee also considers matters relating to the local environment in general, including litter, grass verges, pavements, roads and other similar matters. The committee acts as a vehicle to consider, discuss and recommend solutions to Health & Safety issues affecting Bradley Stoke Town Council.
  • Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee
    The Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee meets approx. 6 times a year and is responsible for, and promotes the Town Council policy on sports, leisure and recreational activities within or affecting the Town. The committee is also responsible for administration of the Town Council’s Grants Budget. The committee is responsible for the development of the Town Council’s policy towards youth and the promotion of facilities for young people in the Town, together with administration of the Youth budget.
  • Health & Safety
  • Ad Hoc Working Groups


Subject matters are brought before Council by means of the Agenda, which is issued a minimum of three clear days before a meeting of the council (excluding the days of issue and meeting, Sundays, the days of Christmas, Easter and Bank Holiday breaks and days appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning) and is posted on this website and available for collection from the Town Council office. All meeting dates and times are also publicised on the BSTC public noticeboards throughout the town.


The Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency (Pursuant to Section 2 of the Local Government, Planning & Land Act 1980) came into effect in October 2014. This is a code of recommended practice on data transparency and applies to Parish and Town Councils with a gross income or expenditure in excess of £200,000.

In order to be compliant with the Local Government Transparency Code, most of the information required is already published on our website, but we as a Council have also considered the following areas which we do not currently hold or do not apply to the town council:

  • Government Procurement Card – Not held.
  • Social Housing Asset Value – Not held.
  • Trade Union Facility Time – Not applicable
  • Parking Account – Not applicable
  • Parking Spaces – Not applicable
  • Fraud – No instances of fraud in the previous financial year

Senior Employees + Staff Structure + Pay Multiple

The Town Council are required to publish details of any senior employee salaries, job title and responsibilities for those earning over £50,000 per annum. We are also required to supply details of pay multiple. Information can be found in the following document:

Senior Salaries + Pay Multiple - April 2022 (Word)

An organisational chart of the staff structure including salary bands can be found at the following link:

Office Structure - June 2022 (Excel)