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Results of Public Consultation Process

BSTC - 27th January 2011

At the Full Council Meeting held on Wednesday 19th January, Councillors were presented with the results of a public consultation where the populous were asked to consider options pertaining to the location of the Town Council Offices.

The results of the consultation process, which was the widest and most in-depth process ever undertaken by the council, were in favour of an option to extend on the existing Jubilee Centre and incorporate additional public car parking and external toilet facility for Beacon Play Scheme and sports users. Councillors voted to accept and support the results of the consultation and are now in the process of preparing the application for planning.

When asked about the decision following the meeting, The Mayor, Cllr Ben Walker said;

“This was the first time, we as a council have completed a public consultation on such a scale to help decide on how the council develop. In this instance, the residents have decided we extend the Jubilee Centre which will not only make for an increase in facilities at this site, it will also make the Town Council more accessible to the public, centrally located within the town. The administration continues to operate in a frugal manner, with the lowest precept increases in the Towns history, yet continually improving facilities and services for the community. Not only will it provide all this, we will endeavour to secure a mortgage term which is as short as possible whilst also ensuring that annual repayments do not exceed the current office annual rental costs".

At the same meeting, Councillors decided to host an event to celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding at the Jubilee Green Centre in conjunction with the Friends of Jubilee Green, the group who look after, develop and promote the Beacon Play Area. The event will include the opening of the centre with a large screen to show the wedding, a selection of stalls and food & drink outlets and further promotion of the Beacon Play Area itself.

“Although decisive, this event is being paid for from an existing amount of money, already ring fenced for community events. Although the Royal Wedding plays a large part in this event, it’s not the only focus, hence the stalls for local craft to be sold and the engagement we are making with the community with the use of the centre and the fantastic park. It also helps advertise the Beacon Play Area itself and the group that support it. Profits made from the stalls will be donated to the group to help fortify their efforts in bidding for the second phase of the Play Scheme to be completed and additional planting/events.

We can also view this as a test run for future community events of this nature.”

Cllr Ben Walker, Mayor

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