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Rabbit Roundabout

Rabbit Roundabout

The Bradley Stoke Examiner - 17th April 2008

A Facebook group dedicated to a roundabout near Bristol, which
is home to a colony of rabbits, has attracted more than 500

The group was inspired by news stories written about the roundabout on local website The Bradley Stoke Examiner ( during the past two years.

The town's furry friends have been living there for the past few years and have become a landmark for residents of Bradley Stoke. Residents often throw food, including carrots, on to the roundabout for the fluffy inhabitants to munch.

The area on Facebook was set up by Helen Parish, who told the Examiner the group was the first she has ever set up on the site.

“I started the group as I was surprised that there wasn’t one already. I just figured it’s one of those things that is really rare and seems to be really well appreciated by everyone who has seen it.

“The daffodils may look nice but they’re hiding the rabbits. I’m hoping they’ll do what rabbits do and we’ll get some baby bunnies out there soon!”

The Bradley Stoke Examiner editor, Chris Kelly, said: "It's amazing that a roundabout that we first started talking about a few years back has become so much of a landmark.

"Every spring we all wonder if the rabbits will come back but I can happily report they are there this year, complete with baby bunnies."

Rabbit Roundabout has also become one of the most searched-for terms on The Bradley Stoke Examiner's website.

A dedicated area, including pictures, information and a map to Rabbit Roundabout, has also become one of the most 'hit' areas of the website. Hundreds of people have accessed the area in the past month on one of the town's most popular websites.

For more information contact Chris Kelly on 07967 525382 or visit

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