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Keep Bradley Stoke Tidy

Report Fly Tipping

All fly tipping should be reported to South Gloucestershire Council so they can take action to remove it. Please use weblink below and select 'Fly tipping'



Graffiti in Bradley Stoke

Graffiti is not something the Town Council is willing to accept in our Town. BSTC is unfortunately not able to action removing graffiti from Street Furniture, Walls etc. that do not belong to the town council, however we will be responsible for reporting it to the correct agencies e.g. South Glos Council, Western Power, Royal Mail, BT. Once the graffiti is reported we will endeavour to follow up the reports until graffiti is removed.

Bradley Stoke Town Council has purchased a graffiti removal machine which Town Council operatives have been trained to use to remove graffiti from private properties, subject to the property owner signing a Damage to Property Disclaimer form. There is no charge for this service. Please contact the Town Council office for more information.

Bradley Stoke Town Council

Responsible for some bus shelters & some litter bins.

Phone: 01454 205020
Email: administrator@bradleystoke.gov.uk

South Glos Council

Phone: Streetcare: 01454 868000
Email: streetcare@southglos.gov.uk

Note from South Glos Streetcare Dept

Our graffiti team price up each job individually so they can check that the graffiti removal is likely to be successful, assess if any damage may occur to the surface during graffiti removal and ensure they have access for their equipment. As a guide, for an averaged size tag on a residential property (e.g a rear garden wall) the charge would be £30.

Western Power Distribution

Responsible for electricity sub stations and junction boxes, will remove graffiti on their equipment on request from members of the public.

Phone: 08456012989 weekdays 8am-6pm
Email: info@westernpower.co.uk


Responsible for telephone boxes and green junction boxes, will remove graffiti on their equipment on request from members of the public

Telephone boxes (BT):
Phone: 0800 661610
Email: customer.serv.payphones@bt.com

Green cabinets (Openreach) :
Phone: 0800 023 2023 Option 1: Damaged green cabinets and/or open doors on them

Royal Mail

Responsible for Post Boxes, will remove graffiti on their equipment on request from members of the public

Phone 08457740740 Customer service
Email: contactus@royalmail.com

Virgin Media Street Cabinets

Click here to access support on the VirginMedia.com website

Follow the options: 1. Choose a Topic > Something Else > 2. Tell Us More > Reporting an open or damaged cabinet > 3. Street cabinets: report an open door/damaged cabinet