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When and Where Does The Council Meet?

All full council and committee meetings are held at 7.00pm in the Woodlands Suite at The Bradley Stoke Jubilee Centre, Savages Wood Road. Occasionally there is a date, time or location change and this will be shown on the meeting Agenda. Agendas are issued a minimum of three clear before a meeting of the council (excluding the days of issue and meeting, Sundays, the days of Christmas, Easter and Bank Holiday breaks and days appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning) and are posted on this web site at the foot of this page and are also available for collection from the Town Council Office. They are also sent to the local press and other local interested organisations. Upcoming meetings dates will be posted under the Events & Meetings section. All meeting dates and times are also publicised on the BSTC public noticeboards throughout the town.

How do the Council Meetings Operate?

The full Town Council of all 15 Councillors meets 6 times each year. It deals with all council business (other than planning issues - see under Committee Meetings page) including recommendations from its various working committees and ad hoc groups. The press and public are welcome to attend all full council and committee meetings. Submissions from the Public (15 minutes time period allowed) are welcomed (nb: The Meeting may be formally adjourned for this item). Residents of Bradley Stoke wishing to make a statement or ask a question are required to give their name and address before making their statement or asking their question. A maximum of 5 minutes per person is allowed within the overall limit of 15 minutes. There will be no opportunity later in the meeting for the public to speak.

Members of the public and press are only asked to leave a meeting if there are any items on the agenda that need discussion in closed session.

The main committees are:

In addition, sub-committees (eg Staffing) and working groups meet as and when required to discuss particular issues and report back to the relevant committee or to full council. Decisions taken at each meeting will be recorded in minutes which will remain in draft format until they have been agreed at the following meeting of the same committee. All minutes (draft or otherwise) are received by full council, and are done so to keep all Members fully informed of what is happening at each committee.

Draft minutes of each meeting will be available to view at the BSTC Office and also should be published within ten working days of the meeting on the web site, subject to the normal rules of confidentiality and clearly marked as Draft.

The minutes are not a verbatim account of the meeting but detail the decisions made. After formal approval by the next full council (or committee as appropriate), the agreed minutes of the council/committee will be available from the Council offices and this website.

The agenda for the meeting is prepared by the Town Clerk and the Chair. This will be a combination of following up or reporting on matters from previous meetings in addition to new issues that have arisen or correspondence received. Each agenda item is discussed and appropriate action is taken by the Members present. Once a decision has been passed by Council Members, and a course of action identified, any work ensuing is organised and/or carried out by the Town Clerk and the staff in the Council Office or relevant bodies.

Please note it is sometimes unavoidable that meeting dates or locations need to be changed at short notice. Please check this web site, the Town Council notice boards or contact the Town Council Offices to confirm a meeting date, time, and location.

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The agenda packs for all meetings (including all accompanying reports) are available for public inspection in the town council office five days before the meeting. Hard copies of the documentation will also be available to the public at each meeting.