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Mayoral Charities

The Chair of Council/Mayor of Bradley Stoke, Councillor Tom Aditya has chosen the following organisations/groups as his Mayor's Charities for 2019/20, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, National Autistic Society – South Gloucestershire branch and the NHS BT Blood and Organ Donation Campaign (under the auspices of Bristol Multi-Faith Forum). All money raised during the two major fundraising events that take place in the town (Community Festival and the Fireworks Display) and any other events organised throughout the year are donated to the Mayor's Charity.

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity is the charity-funded air ambulance and critical care service for 2.1 million local people across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and the surrounding areas.

Our crew attend the most serious incidents across the region by helicopter or by one of our two critical care cars.

When someone is seriously ill or injured time is of the essence, and they need expert help fast. This is where we come in.

Within four minutes of a 999 call our aircraft takes off. We work to the Gold Standard Critical Care Model, which means we rush a Critical Care Paramedic and Critical Care Doctor straight to the scene. We arrive no more than 20 minutes later, anywhere in the region. Our average flight time is just 14 minutes.

The service we provide is reliant on our brilliant team of pilots, critical care paramedics, and critical care doctors who specialise in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) and trauma.

From emergency blood transfusions to treating cardiac arrests, or putting a patient under general anaesthetic, it's the skill and dedication of our team that means one patient in five – a patient otherwise expected to die – survives.

We need to raise over £3million a year to stay operational, but despite this we receive no day to day funding from the Government or National Lottery. We rely on people like you. Together we save lives.

Website: greatwesternairambulance.com

National Autistic Society - South Gloucestershire branch

National Autistic Society - South Gloucestershire branch

We are a donation funded committee of 15 volunteers who are mainly parents of autistic children or young people between the ages of 7 and 25. We are here to help, advise, support and signpost families, parents and carers.

We organise activities for children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum as well as supporting their parents in the form of support groups and coffee mornings. Our static activities include a Gaming Workshop, Fizz-pop Science and Shining Stars Drama. We also run at least one additional youth group every month which is variable. We have organised sessions for Lush at the Mall, African Drumming, Laser-quest, Clip n Climb, Air hop, Bowling and many more. For our youngsters who are transitioning into adulthood, we have recently created a new group activity, Dungeons and Dragons (Role Playing Game), which runs every 3 weeks on a Friday night.

We try to accommodate all ages between 7 and 25 with at least one appropriate youth group every month. Many of our families are able to access more than one group depending on their child's interest.

Our family days are always very popular. This year we took 33 families to Crealy Adventure Park and we will be running a Mojo Activity Day which is for 50 children and young people in August. In October we are hosting a Halloween Party and in December it will be our usual Christmas Party where all the family is welcome to attend.

All our activities are free to attend, although we do ask a nominal charge to cover refreshments when available.

We try to arrange activities that children and young people can access independently and with their peers. Children and young people with Autism related additional needs can feel excluded and isolated and we work to break down the barriers to allow them to meet in a social setting without feeling pressured, stressed or judged. Our aim is to build confidence and self esteem through interaction and socialisation.

Website: nassouthgloucestershirebranch.webeden.co.uk

NHS Blood and Organ Donation campaign (under the auspices of Bristol Multi-Faith Forum)

NHS Blood and Organ Donation campaign

Organ donation is the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body from a living or deceased person to a living recipient in need of transplantation. At present, around 6,600 people are waiting for an organ transplant in the UK. Due to the shortage of willing suitable donors, three to four people die each day while waiting for a transplant. 35% of the people waiting for kidney transplantation are from minority ethnic communities. There is a longer waiting time for kidney transplants from Black and Asian patients compared to Caucasian patients. Organ donation is a personal decision. Religious and cultural beliefs can play a major role in an individual's decision to donate organs. Engaging families of potential donors about consent needs expertise and empathy. Discussions are particularly challenging when families have not thought about this before. We must address this by empowering communities to own the conversation and by raising the sense of social responsibility amongst the communities.

Bristol Multi-Faith Forum (BMFF) is an equality organisation instituted by the Bristol City Council in 2004 for inter-faith and intercultural social harmony and community cohesion, and to promote the health and well-being of the communities. The NHS Organ Donation Awareness Campaign and the Community Champions Enrolment Programme in the West of England region is coordinated under the auspices of Bristol Multi-Faith Forum. These highly valuable and empowering events led by medical professionals and faith leaders enable to raise the awareness of organ donation among diverse faith communities, to clear doubts about the fears and myths about the issue and to encourage people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to be the lifesaving organ donors and to help everyone to transform themselves as the heralders of this noble campaign. This programme includes discussions about religious and health perspectives of organ donation, testimonies, experiences sharing and interactive 'Question and Answer' sessions as well as the social media campaigns and distribution of printed materials.

BMFF have been organising various programmes and activities to support the NHS Blood and Transplant Team's Organ Donation campaign for the last many years. We conducted various workshops and question time programmes to spread this campaign at various places of worship and communities. We have also enlisted many community volunteers. BMFF needs to fund itself to continue this mission and have to train and equip the community champions in order to spread this message at the grass-root level.

BMFF would like to thank the Mayor of Bradley Stoke Cllr Tom Aditya for his kindness to choose our NHS Organ Donation Awareness campaign as part of his Mayoral charity. We are proud of that. This funding may enable us to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project and to achieve the project goals. Please help to save lives. It is an opportunity to brighten up someone's life, and to continue life after death.

Website: bristolmultifaithforum.org.uk

Great Western Air Ambulance CharityGreat Western Air Ambulance CharityNational Autistic Society - South Gloucestershire branchNational Autistic Society - South Gloucestershire branchNHS Blood and Organ Donation campaign (under the auspices of Bristol Multi-Faith Forum)