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Election of Standing Committee Chairs and an Update on Grant Funding and Youth Work at the Bradley Stoke Town Council

BSTC - 24th June 2020

Bradley Stoke Town Council has elected Councillor Terri Cullen, Councillor Roger Avenin and Councillor Ben Randles as its Standing Committee Chairs for the civic year 2020-21.

Councillor Terri Cullen has been representing the Bradley Stoke South ward since being elected in 2019. Terri is a Crown Servant with the Ministry of Defence and proud to have been selected as Chair of the Planning & Environment Committee.

Councillor Roger Avenin who has been re-elected Chair of the Leisure, Youth and Amenities Committee, serve as a South Glos District Councillor since 2015 and as a Bradley Stoke Town Councillor since 2007. He served as Town Mayor during 2015-16. Roger, who has been an accountant by profession, enjoys his retired life engaging in neighbourhood related matters.

Councillor Ben Randles, the newly elected Chair of the Finance Committee has been a Town Councillor since October 2013. He served various roles of the Council earlier and also served as Town Mayor during 2018-19.

The newly elected Mayor Cllr Tony Griffiths and Mayor Emeritus Cllr Tom Aditya congratulated the designated Standing Committee Chairs and wished them a meaningful term in office.

The Council through its standing committee has also decided to award Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group an amount of £2,000.00 as part of the Service Level Agreement and to allow them to keep £275.20 from previous year’s funding. The council also allowed a grant aid of £500.00 towards the Bradley Stoke Community Singers.

The Council’s Youth work will be resumed post lockdown as per guidelines of National Youth Agency and other youth work support services. The virtual youth work sessions delivered by the Council’s youth worker has been generally welcomed by young people and parents. Since lockdown regulations concerning sporting activities has been eased off recently, the Council’s Skatepark has been reopened with social-distancing measures in place. The Council requested all skatepark users to comply with the safety protocols.

Cllr Tom Aditya, who is also Council’s Press Spokesperson commented the need to expedite construction of the proposed ‘Multi-Use Games Area’ at the Jubilee Green by extending existing hardcourts and by incorporating basketball playing facilities, which will be considered by the Council after obtaining detailed quotes. The Council is also considering development of the Jubilee Green Fitness Area, which will be a great feature for Bradley Stoke.

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