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Consultation on the proposed expansion of Lyde Green Primary School

Photo of Lyde Green Primary School

CSET - 21st May 2021

We are consulting with the community on a proposal to expand Lyde Green Primary School by setting up a second site for the school on Honeysuckle Road, alongside the existing site on Willowherb Road.

This proposal will allow us to continue providing sufficient school places for all primary-aged children living at Lyde Green as the village continues to grow.

Our innovative proposal means that there would be a single primary school for the Lyde Green community, bringing the advantages that can be offered by a large school that has the resources to meet the needs of all local children. At the same time, the two sites will mean that children will continue to experience a warm and friendly environment in which everyone knows each other.

The expanded school would admit 120 pupils each year, with 60 children in each year group on each site. This will enable the school to gradually grow from its current capacity of 420 to 840 in total, with 420 children eventually being educated on each of the two sites.

Under our proposals, Lyde Green Primary School would continue to be run by the existing team of leaders, staff and governors, which will be gradually expanded as the school grows. The provision would be the same on both sites, so that the experience is the same for children in all classes across the school. Every child would continue to be educated in a class of 30 children with a dedicated teacher, and children would be based on the same site for the whole of their primary education. However, there would be regular opportunities for children to come together with others in their year group across sites, for example through a rich programme of extracurricular activities, events and visits.

We believe that these proposals offer the Lyde Green community the additional primary school places that are urgently needed, building on the successes of the existing school and providing a great education for every child in Lyde Green into the future.

With the support of the local community, and the approval of the Department for Education, we hope to implement the new arrangements from September 2022.

We are keen to hear the views of parents, prospective parents, members of the local community and partner organisations. Our consultation will run from Monday 17th May to Monday 28th June 2021. You can respond to the consultation by emailing your views, comments and questions to or writing to CSET, Partnership Centre, Mangotsfield School, Rodway Hill, Bristol, BS16 9LH.

Follow this link to download the consultation document in PDF format.

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