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First Bus - 73 Bus Route Public Consultation

First Bus - 11th September 2018

By the end of September 2018, First Bus would like to know what people think the optimum route of the 73 should be between Aztec West and Parkway Station from January 2019 when metrobus m1 starts.

Points to note are:

  • The frequency of the 73 will still be at a good level with all buses continuing via Gloucester Road to the Centre and Temple Meads
  • The X73 will disappear
  • The m1 operates every 10 minutes through the day down Bradley Stoke Way passing close to the Willowbrook Centre

Looking ahead to the future First Bus would also like to know which of these three possible options should be adopted for the 73:

  1. All 73s continue unchanged past Parkway Station via the existing (slow) route to Bristol
  2. All 73s go to Parkway then travel past the multi-story car park and the new P & R site onto the new link road, then via the A4174, UWE and Stoke Lane onto the M32 and straight into Bristol.
  3. Every other 73 heading south goes via the slow route (as in No 1) and the next one goes via the fast route (as in No 2), thus offering a combination of 1 & 2.

Although there is no date for this improvement yet set, it would be useful to have this feedback in the same time-frame, so by the end of September 2018.

All responses should be e-mailed to:

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