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Announcement Regarding Changes from SSCG's to Community Engagement Forums

Announcement Regarding Changes from SSCG's to Community Engagement Forums

South Gloucestershire Council - 25th August 2016

Community Engagement Forums (CEF) is the new title of the revised Safer Stronger Community Groups. Community Engagement Forums are not decision making bodies, but rather provide a place where local needs, issues and projects can be discussed by residents, community groups, town & parish councils and public sector organisations including South Gloucestershire Council in order to help shape future activity.

They are thus intended:

  • To develop shared understanding of local priorities and needs
  • To improve the quality of life of people in the local area by influencing local decision making and service delivery
  • To identify local solutions to community issues
  • To provide a forum for local groups to engage

To this end there is no formal membership of Community Engagement Forums, and all those who attend will be given equal status at meetings. It is hoped South Gloucestershire Councillors, Town/Parish Councils, the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, local agencies, community organisations and residents will attend on a voluntary basis because they find value in doing so.

Those attending the forum will be expected to represent their local community with integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness and honesty.

Chairs (and vice-chairs) will continue to be chosen by the forums themselves, and will seek to ensure that those from minority and hard to reach groups are given full opportunity to express their views on behalf of those communities.

Agenda items can be suggested in advance to the Chair, or relevant Community Engagement Officer and each meeting will contain an agenda slot where local issues of immediate and urgent concern can be highlighted.

If you would like to find out the details of the next meeting for your area please either visit the CEF website:

Or contact the Community Engagement Team on 01454 868113

Robert Walsh
Head of Safe Strong Communities
South Gloucestershire Council

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