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Youth Survey Results

South Gloucestershire Council & Bradley Stoke Town Council - 20th January 2012

In 2011 South Gloucestershire Council and Bradley Stoke Town Council conducted a survey to
find out which activities young people wanted in their local area. The results of that survey have now been published.


  • 56% of young people in Bradley Stoke play sports in clubs or teams in their spare time and is
    popular across all age groups.
  • The least used youth provision is church based
  • Leisure Centre usage is high with uniformed groups also popular
  • Youth provision is most popular with the 15/16 age group, whilst Leisure centre is very
    popular with under 11s.
  • Arts and drama activities are very popular with 13 – 14 year olds.
  • The main barrier to taking part is cost with transport and availability an issue for 15 and 16
    year olds.
  • Top of young people’s wish list is drama, photography, dance, music and IT.
  • 41% of 13-14 year olds were interested in internet usage – perhaps highlighting the need for
    an internet café.
  • Ball, swimming and trampoline were the three highest desired sport and fitness activities.
    Trampoline and swimming was the highest requested sport from the 13-16 age group.
  • Horse riding, camping and BMX/scooting/skate boarding were the most demanded outdoor
  • Cooking, Hair and Beauty, and animal care were the life skills most wanted.
  • Of all the activities on young people’s wish lists sport and outdoor activities were the most


  • Cost and travel came out as the main barriers from participating with being embarrassed,
    friends and lack of information also featuring.
  • A high number of young people are aware of where activities are currently available, and
    attend clubs where possible.
  • The most popular activities attended are
    Netball, swimming, scouts, guides, after school clubs, skate board/scooters/bmx, ball sports,
    army cadets, youth clubs
  • The overriding feeling from young people during this work was that they would like the
    activities to be run locally in Schools, Leisure Centres, Youth Centres, Parks and on the
  • The top three most popular activities young people would like to participate in each area are
    Art/media/music - Drama, photography and games design
    Sports/fitness – football, basketball and dance
    Outdoor activities – scootering, ice skating and go karting
    Life skills/volunteering – cooking, horse riding and guides

To view the results in full, please download the following PDF document: Youth Survey Results

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