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Trading Standards Urge Caution With Doorstep Traders

South Gloucestershire Trading Standards - 11th April 2014

Officers from South Gloucestershire Trading Standards are urging residents to be wary of dealing with doorstep callers who may offer roof repairs, driveway sealing or gardening services following a recent spate of incidents in the area.

They are concerned that properties in the area are being repeatedly targeted by rogue traders who are intent on deceiving residents or doing shoddy work at grossly inflated prices. Trading Standards are working closely with Police in order to drive rogue traders out of the region and you can help us if you are approached by one.

Trading Standards would be very interested to hear from you if you can provide:

  • Descriptions of such traders who may call uninvited at your home.
  • Details of registration plates from any vehicles involved.
  • Copies of any advertising flyers that may be left by callers.

Such details would be invaluable in trying to combat the scourge of rogue trading.

In a recent incident a property in Thornbury was targeted by a rogue trader who agreed with the owner to clean and seal the driveway for 350. It was suspected that once the customer signed the contract the devious trader altered the agreed price to read 1,350.

Police and Trading Standards were involved in dealing with the incident. It is believed that the trader got wind of their involvement and did not charge the higher figure, but still took 350 in cash from the customer for sealing and cleaning the driveway.

Trading Standards had suspicions that the driveway had not been sealed and did some basic tests to establish this. The trader was sufficiently concerned by the involvement of Trading Standards to immediately refund the 350 paid by the customer. In addition, it was made clear to him that Trading Standards had circulated his details to law enforcement colleagues and that if he repeated his rogue trading in South Gloucestershire he would be prosecuted.

South Gloucestershire Trading Standards needs your co operation to deal with the menace of rogue trading and we may even be able to recover any money paid to rogue traders. If you see anything suspicious or have concerns that a neighbour may be the victim of rogue traders please call Neil Derrick direct on 01454 864565 or e mail him at neil.derrick@southglos.gov.uk. All information received will be dealt with in strictest confidence.