Frome Valley Relief Sewer Project

The Frome Valley relief sewer will enable Wessex Water to provide an adequate sewerage system for new residents of areas such as Yate, Emerson's Green, Harry Stoke and Filton, where thousands of new homes are being built. To complete the sewer, they are constructing a 5km long, 1.8m diameter sewer pipe that will run from the north of Frampton Cotterell, westwards to Bradley Stoke (through the Three Brooks Nature Reserve). Most of the work will be carried out in fields rather than roads.

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PDF Download: Site Information Sign

Notice of works: Removal of vegetation

South Gloucestershire Council - 2nd March 2017

What is happening?

Contractors have been given permission to remove scrub alongside the track, in preparation for the Wessex Water Relief Sewer project, that will be taking place from April 2017. During these works the trackway will be used by vehicles on a daily basis. In order to maintain safe public access in the local nature reserve a temporary pathway is being constructed.

The area will be reinstated once the works are completed in Autumn 2017. Grassy areas will be reseeded and trees planted.

When is the clearance works due to start?

Week commencing 6 March 2017.

How long will the clearance works take?

No more than two weeks.

For your safety please observe the warning signs on site.

Area of woodland edge to be cleared

For further information please contact the Streetcare helpdesk on 01454 868000 or visit